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Warm Weather Shipping

Shipping Baked Goods in Warm Weather


Shipping in Warm Weather

Some of our baked goods are made with real butter cream, pure premium chocolate, caramels, marshmallows, or gelatin based creams. Please take the steps necessary to improve your chances of your order arriving in great shape and condition! Choose one of the warm shipping policies below.


1. Warm Shipping Policy 1: Our Easiest Option

 Select Warm Weather Shipping and we will take care of the rest. When you deciding on our shipping policies, this option is the easiest. When this option is selected, we will add in the necessary cold packs and insulators in order to improve your chances of your baked goods arriving without completely melting. 

 Shipping May be Delayed 

When we are choosing to ship your baked goods, and this option is selected, your shipping may be delayed to prevent damage. If necessary, your order will be held in our temperature-controlled warehouse to avoid additional transit time over the weekend. If you need a delivery by a specific date, please add a note at checkout or contact us so we can ensure your order arrives in time.


Be at home for delivery

So that your item is not sitting outside upon your arrival, select a shipping address where you know someone will be home. Tip: If the box feels warm, open immediately to expose your sweets to cooler indoor air. If chocolate has softened at all, give it a chance to firm up again before handling further.


2. Warm Shipping Policy 2: Select your own

Follow these four steps to protect your baked goods:

1. Check the weather forecast
Look up the current 10-day forecast for your location and the temperature high at our Cookie warehouse today/tomorrow (zip code 65265).

If it's hotter than 75 degrees in either location, adding insulation/cold pack and upgrading the shipping is recommended.

Keep in mind your package may travel through areas much hotter than either location, weather forecasts can change, and delivery trucks may be 10° or more warmer than outside! Also consider the peak temp at your destination - does it last for only a couple hours each day, or is it hot around-the-clock?

2. Determine how far your baked goods are traveling
What are the days in transit, from our warehouse in Mexico, Missouri to your location? If your package is going to the Mid West, you can probably still use Flat Rate Shipping. However, if it's going to the East Coast, you'll want to select a faster shipping method to reduce the time in transit.

3. Add Cold Shipping Box or Cold Pack(s) to your order.

4. Choose an appropriate shipping method at checkout. Important: Cold packs lose their cooling power after 24-48 hours, so if it's very hot they won't help much after 1-2 days.

  • At 85+ degrees, USPS Overnight is recommended.
  • At lower temps or to save money, USPS 2-Day can also be a good option.
  • For smaller orders, USPS Priority Mail can be great since it only takes 2-3 days. (It gets expensive for larger orders.)


2. Warm Shipping Policy 3: Risk it without cold packs/insulation

How important it is for your baked goods to arrive perfect condition? Are you planning a party or sending them as a gift? Or maybe it doesn't really matter to you because they are for your personal consumption? Either way, you can choose to save money and NOT include any cold packs in your order. If you choose to NOT add any cold packs, here is what you should do

1. Make sure the package is NOT sitting outside longer than it has to be. Select a shipping address where someone will be home during delivery. 

2. If the box feels warm, open the box and immediately allow to come to room temperature or place inside of the fridge. Let the chocolate or baked good firm back up before handling any further. 

Note: Temperature fluctuations naturally cause chocolate to "bloom", where the cocoa butter separates resulting in changes in color and texture. Bloomed chocolate is still edible but may be less attractive. It often looks like it has a white coating, which is just the cocoa butter (and not mold!).

 Please Note: CoMo Cookies are not responsible for melting or other damage caused during shipping while transported in extreme heat. Check your forecast.