Classic Cookie Variety Pack

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 Our classic cookie Variety Pack includes all of our classic flavors, so you can enjoy more than one flavor option! Each box comes with individually wrapped/labeled cookies and a nutritional insert containing information for all cookies! (Flavors depend on batches made for the week, and may not include each cookie flavor in order to reduce waste)

2 cookies of each flavor + FREE SAMPLES + FREE SHIPPING



Give us a call at 573-206-9118 to order this item via phone.

 Allergies: Although equipment is cleaned between each batch, all of our baked goods may contain wheat, eggs, soy, peanuts, tree nuts or milk. 



***Warm Weather Shipping***
These cookies do not need to ship using cold packs. If you choose NOT to, make sure someone is home when package is delivered, so cookies are not outside longer than needed. Place cookies at room temp or in fridge immediately.   Read our "Warm Weather Shipping Policy" Here
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NOTE: Our cookies are not machine made, rather they are hand rolled. Each cookie is expected to look different, but taste great!